Social Impact

Social Impact

Deriveum will mobilize $80 billion in private capital to enter high impact project. Those money will have real effect on the economy and the job market. We expect that with reaching 1% of the underserved market Deriveum will create the following impact

  • Allow small and medium financial institutions to compete on the CDS market (democratization of the participation)
  • Increase the revenues of those institution with $2.5 billion/yr
  • Increase the competition and lower the CDS rates
  • Increase the profits for investors by over $1.6 billion/year
  • Attract more private investment to emerging economies and areas with lower economic growth
  • Lower interest rates for the issuers and realize over $450 million/year reduction in interest rates costs
  • Provide the necessary financing for the creation of over 400’000 jobs globally
  • Foster economic growth and increase tax returns for the exchequers of over $500 million/year

Most importantly Deriveum is not targeted project, which means that all stakeholders will have to create sustainable business models to qualify for the private funding. Therefore the social benefits of Deriveum use will be long-lasting and cumulative.

For details on the methodology for calculation of the social benefits, please contact us.


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