Strategic Partnership Proposal

What we look for?

What we offer?

  • We are a blockchain startup, uniquely positioned to take advantage of this EU funding
  • The Deriveum Project is utilizing blockchain to create new collateral class for Credit Default Swap deals
  • We are collaborating with the Central Bank of Lithuania/ECB in creating the new collateral type
  • We have been voted one of the TOP20 Startups for 2019 in the EU
  • The Deriveum Project has secured the backing of Block.IS – cross-border, cross-sectoral innovation ecosystem for EU blockchain project
  • Our development is funded by the EU Commission

What would you benefit?

  • Our collaboration will facilitate a win-win-win scenario possible for the CDS holders, protection sellers and the economy at large

Becoming our partners you will:

  • receive 3-5% of the attracted EU funding
  • be assisting the digital change in the EU
  • gain additional value of interacting with industry leaders
  • be active participant in re-shaping the CDS market

What would you do?

As our partner you will:

  • expedite the production of our common application for the EU funds
  • be involved in the strategic development of the project
  • chaperon our outreach activities and negotiations

The EU has dedicated EUR 100 million for investment in start-ups for 2020 in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. The fund will be made available to a number of Investment companies that will need to invest the money in startups until the end of 2020. To maximize our chances to attract the investment we are looking for a strategic partnership with an Investment professional.

We are building irresistible Bloackchain start-up that is uniquely positioned to take advantage of some of the money dedicated by the European Union.

Our start-up is groomed by various European institutions. We have the backing of the ECB (through the innovative LBChain regulatory and technical sandbox for blockchain of the Bank of Lithuania), funding received from the European Commission (Horizon 2020), we have been awarded as one of the TOP20 startups in 2019, and we are part of the Block.IS cross-sectoral innovation ecosystem for EU blockchain project. This profile would make us very suitable to receive EU funding, on top of our excellent value proposition.

Deriveum allows financial institutions to engage in CDS deals, assuring the CDS holders that they will be paid in any circumstance. This is a unique competitive advantage as no other asset type can be used for collateral of CDS contracts during a financial crisis. We level the playing field allowing for small and medium financial institutions to enter the multi-trillion market.

Our partner will enjoy a number of benefits. Most importantly we will build together a win-win-win solution that will benefit high impact projects that create sustainable growth and jobs. Simultaneously our partners efforts will not go unrewarded monetary as 3-5% of the attracted funds will constitute direct payment for our partner’s efforts. Further as cutting edge technology our partner will assist with the EU’s digital change and interact with industry leaders, regulators and fintech companies.

Lastly, our partner will be tasked with assistance in the creating of our common application to EU financing, be involved in the strategic development of the project and chaperon our outreach activities and negotiations.

We are looking forward to talking with you

Thank you for your interest


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