LBChain – services provided by Deriveum

This page contains a short overview of the services provided by the Deriveum Project

In a nutshell, the Deriveum Project is aimed at restoring trust in credit default swap risk-sharing through adding crypto smart contract as an additional layer of security for contract execution.

To that end, we will create and operate the following services
– Registers transactions with tokens
– Identification screening
– Provides information to regulators, law enforcement and tax authorities
– Block users to prevent money laundering & fraud
– Smart contract premature termination procedure
– Keeps the PSM funds in US treasury bonds
– Automatic disbursements and conversions from USD to tokens on pre-determined price levels (liquidity provisions for the market)
– Price hedging guarantee fund management
– Pricing-out of identified risky trades
– Screening of eco-system entries
– Provide consulting to users
– Marketing of the Deriveum

You may also check in more details the Detailed Description of the Innovation

and a discussion on Deriveum’s legal nature


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