European Liquidity Instrument

European Liquidity Instrument

The European Liquidity Instrument(ELI) is an automatic trading mechanism deployed on regulated exchange. It aims to create clarity for the liquidation price of the Deriveum Europe tokens.

ELI shall sell tokens to qualified users (regulated financial institutions with the ability to legally originate or enter CDS derivative contracts) on certain price level – in our initial estimate at EUR 1.002. ELI shall buy back tokens from the market when the price reaches EUR 1.000.

In essence we will create a hard flour for the price of Deriveum Europe, while users will be able to sell their tokens for at least EUR 1.000 at any point, creating liquidation price certainty.

Our own profit (please see the Business Model) will be made from the difference of the sell and purchase price. Users will have every incentive to use Deriveum Europe as their own profit will be much higher than the price premium and the latter will be calculated in the deal price.

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