The visitors may find full description of the Deriveum project in the White Paper section. However abstracts of key sections of the White Paper – namely the Problem, Solution, Functionalities, Price Stabilization Mechanism (PSM), Market, Team and Legal issues may be visited clicking on the appropriate links.

The Deriveum’s White Paper abstract is also available below;

Problem Statement

Changes in the regulations across the G-20 make CDS unenforceable in a financial crisis. This is creating uncertainty in the $8.4 trillion CDS market.

The Solution

Deriveum is a new type of collateral. It is self-executable crypto commodity. Using Deriveum to back CDS makes unenforceability inconsequential.

Market Opportunity

The size of the CDS market is huge – $8.3 trillion; the size of the global debt market even larger – $180 trillion. Deriveum will be attractive option for relatively small proportion of the market in the high yield and distressed sections. However we aim to reach only $150 billion market capitalization in the next 5 years, which is 1.8% of the CDS market and 0.08% of the larger debt market respectively.

The Team

We have a diverse team of 18 people with different professional background in the areas of finance, accounting, IT, banking, academia and insurance. We are committed to see this project through.


The development phase will take approximately 3 months and will encompass building of the token, construction of effective eco-system and deployment of the Price Stabilization Mechanism that will ensure liquidity and lower volatility for the token’s market.


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