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The Deriveum project was developed with the idea to be a tool supporting the lower-income countries’ sovereign debt, allowing developing countries a bit more fiscal space to invest in basic services. However, towards 2021 we decided to pivot the project towards much more-pressing problem – the Green Transition. As the funding required to support sustainable growth appears to stall and private investors are hesitant to put their cash in green projects, we consider this use of Deriveum to bring much higher value for the greater good.

About Us

Our Mission:

Our mission is to utilize cutting-edge technology in the field of green financing by offering an alternative debt-financing and debt-insurance option to the market, as well as enhanced risk mitigation tools to the regulators, thus re-imagining the Credit Default Swaps and putting them to work for the greening of the world economy.

Our Vision:

We envision ourselves as a pioneer that will blend blockchain technologies with reasonable regulation and will be one of the first  projects that will show high scale use of digital assets in the economy.

Our Values:

Our company values are:

Innovation: Changing the perspective, seeing the world through a stranger’s eyes and finding the wonder in the world is valued in  our organization

Responsibility: We should never forget that our actions affect the lives of others and be responsible for them as  well Transparency: We are proud of what we do and want to showcase how to do it

Respect: Build on top of the achievements of others and want to learn from them, therefore we respect all good (risk) governance practices,  knowing full well the reasons behind them.

The company culture we try to build is based on tolerance, respect and empathy. We built a culture of people passionate  about climate change and making an impact in the economic transformation. Uniting around a common cause brings the team  together and ensures everyone is working toward the same goal.

Where do we see Ourselves in the Future?

We are extra motivated to create Green Deriveum as most of us are coming from regions with lesser access to and shallower  capital markets in general, which equates to lower green investment. Our innovation will make financing more accessible for those  regions in particular, as it will decouple macro from micro risks.The goal will be for our collateral to have become an integral part  of the capital markets by 2026-2027, part of new market infrastructure and transforming debt insurance world-wide into more  de-leveraged, riskless, and sustainable practice. By then our innovation will have substantial market presence and we will be in  preliminary talks with the ECB on the hard-cap increase. This in turn will put us in a position to be fueling plentiful projects (far  above the 5 projects initial aim) to transform the European economy in the 2030s, creating tens of thousands of jobs and  supporting the development of green financing diversification to fuel the 2050 0-emission transformation.


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