We restore certainty in the global debt insurance market

Why debt insurance uncertainty has created market niche of over $7 trillion underserved debt?

Key Events in Debt Insurance



At least back in 2008, dealing in

CDS was sinister or arcane.

Now it just seems pointless.


John Dizard

The CDS Instrument

The Credit Default Swap (CDS) is the tool to transfer credit risk (or part of it) from the investor to the financial institution. This instrument was covering over 53% of the global debt back in 2007, but in 2019 it has already crashed to just 4%… Read more

The Market of over $7 trillion

The aftermath of the 2008 crisis and the subsequent G-20 Pittsbourgh reform has caused collapse in the insured debt and created huge market of high-yield uninsured debt that is currently frozen out of the market…Read more  

The Paradigm Change


 The decline of the CDS market has a clear reason – inability of the insurers to guarantee payment to investors. This is the case, even after the introduction of the central clearing. To service the needs of the global financial system this paradigm needs to evolve. In collaboration with the ECB/Bank of Lithuania we turn the CDS problem into opportunity….Read more  

The CDS holder (debt investor) is certain she will be paid in all circumstances irrespective of the liquidity position of the insurer. Utilizing crypto-commodity is the only way investors will get  any posted collateral immediately…Read more  

The Deriveum is a combining in an innovative and unique way functionalities from other asset classes to create full certainty for debt investors. It crates certainty for investors and enhances the regulatory tools at disposal to the Central Bank….Read more  

 Creating an opportunity out of a crisis

How we plan to bring the Deriveum Project to the market?

Look Ahead Analysis

Development of the smart contract would take around 3 months. Licensing will take between 6 and 8 months following the initial capital raise. The Modular Agreements and the PSM algorithm will be  drafted and tested in parallel. The basic elements of the eco-system will be put in place during the development phase…Read more

Investment & Return

Expected investment and return from Phase II and Phase III of the Deriveum Project…Read more  


The Team

Our team consist of commuted individuals with
diverse background in finance, law, economics,
IT, insurance and banking.

Meet us all  

Deriveum is funded by Block.IS (Blockchain Innovation Spaces) Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme Project No. 824509, under the funding framework of the European Commission.


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